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The final result of any stained floor is determined primarily on the quality of the pour and the ongoing protection of the slab during construction. The Builder is responsible for relaying the following important information to each sub contractor involved. COMMUNICATION is vital for the success of this project. If you have questions, please call.

A smooth, hard MACHINE trowel finish, all the way to the edges of the slab. Swirls from the trowel add beauty to the floor. Standard 5 sack mix with no additives, fillers, curing agents, retardants, fly ash. 3000 PSI or greater is preferred.

EXTERIOR FLATWORK (patios, porches, drives, etc.)
Do not use a heavy broom finish, our sealant is non-skid. Use smooth, light or medium broom finish. Standard mix as noted above.

PROTECT THE CONCRETE SLAB when using foam insulation.
DO NOT use any tape on slab without consulting with Creative Surfaces.
DO NOT cover slab during early construction, slab must cure 30 days uncovered.
DO NOT nail support stud into concrete.
DO NOT spill or drip plumber's glue on slab.
DO NOT spray dots on slab to mark outlets.
DO NOT use Muriatic acid (or any alkali cleaner) anywhere near slab.
DO NOT leave loose nails on slab, may cause rust marks.
DO NOT use excessive pencil, or any markers, crayons, etc. on slab.
DO NOT use red chalk line (silicone), use blue chalk line only (non-silicone).
PEST CONTROL products may have a negative effect on slab.
DO NOT drip or spill plaster or PAINT on slab. We DO NOT strip paint from slabs.
DO NOT use any products on the slab other than the following:
Toluene, Goof Off, mineral spirits, lacquer thinner, TSP, Xylene or Acetone.

Work is typically done in two stages. No other trades can walk on floors during these stages.
Electricity and water must be easily accessible.

Stage I: Scoring, cleaning, staining and laying of protective paper. Stage I must be done after sheetrock, before tape, bed and texture. Any deviation from this schedule will effect price. We provide basic cleaning of sheetrock dust and dirt. Please have all debris removed.

Stage II: Finish (wax with buffing or sealer). Stage II is done as close to move in date as possible. Please remove paper, sweep and mop floors.

(Call for different instructions if using foam insulation.)





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